Flying Kaiju

The dragon type Kaiju that can fly

The Kaijus

2 of the Kaiju's, one is bigger and extremely powerful, the other is smaller but quicker and more agile.

2 more shots...

A moving shot of a kaiju fighting Coyote Tango.

A larger Kaiju that will wrestle Gypsy Danger.

Pac Rim personal WIP

I am now starting a Pacific Rim personal project. Here is a still from my backplate and a dragon type Kaiju fighting Eureka Striker. I still need to matchmove the plate and then rig up the Jaegar.

explosion dust

Red mist

More superimposed images onto stock footage to see how far I should push it stylistically.

Short Film Look Dev

I am trying my hand at putting together a live action short film with stock footage found at getty images. I found some cool World War Robot designs by Ashly Wood which suited the look I was going for! I used his robots as placeholders for now.